Camera: .h, .cpp

The Camera class represents the viewer in 3D space, and serves as a storage for the 4 by 4 view matrix used when rendering. As such, it only has functions modifying that matrix.

How to use it?

Construct the Camera and hold the reference to it as long as you want to use it:


auto myCamera = sge::Camera();


Like the Object class, it stores a 4 by 4 matrix and recalculates it only when the position, location or scale of the camera has been modified.

To modify its position, location and scale, use:

void setTransform(glm::vec3 pos, glm::vec3 rot, glm::vec3 scale);
void setPos(float posX, float posY, float posZ);
void setRot(float rotX, float rotY, float rotZ);

To get its position and rotation, use:

glm::vec3 pos();
glm::vec3 rot();