SkyboxTexture: .h, .cpp

SkyboxTexture holds 8 individual OpenGL textures that can be rendered to a cube to give the illusion of a sky or background.

How to use it?

Construct the SkyboxTexture by supplying it with a path:


auto mySkybox = sge::SkyboxTexture("path/to/file");

Then, set the skybox to render every frame by calling (e.g.):



Skybox format

A skybox is composed of 6 image files with the same base and file type, but ending with _bk, _ft, _lf, _rt, _up, _dn (back, front, left, right, up and down textures, respectively). The path supplied to SkyboxTexture constructor does not include any of those extensions.

For example, if you have files named .\\miramar_bk.png, .\\miramar_up.png, ..., supply the path ".\\miramar.png" to the constructor

Internal texture loading

Internally, the 6 textures are loaded similarily to the normal Texture class.


Skyboxes generate a new VAO with the ID of 1001 and configure one attrib. array for storing the vertices of a cube. They also compile a custom shader.